Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    The Sun Select is a powerhouse in tanning technology. Adjustable for skin tone and desired strength of tanning lamps, this unit can take your color to new plateau-shattering heights. The impressive array of luxury features incorporates a 3D- Sound system with a subwoofer and MP3 player docking station, refreshing Aqua Mist & Aroma function, and ground-breaking cockpit control with a full Voice Guide function. The VIP experience is enhanced with contoured acrylic design, an LED light show, and a Personal Comfort NFC Customer Card to preset all personal settings automatically. A truly impressive UV concentration is designed to achieve the darkest tan, with a maximum exposure time of 10 minutes. Back to units.
    Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    The combination of Red Light and UV offers the ultimate tanning experience and more natural looking results. Hybrid Light Technology has quickly become the new industry standard for perfect color development and skin care combined. Customize output with Hybrid Light Technology by adjusting various settings during a session. These customizations include Red Light Only Facial Sessions, Personal Sunstyle for full body Hybrid Tanning and more. Back to units.
    Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    With 50 bulbs at 160 watts of power per bulb, 520 watts per facial tanning lamp with a total of 4, the Affinity is an excellent choice for the tanning connoisseur looking for the ultimate tanning experience. Aroma Therapy and Spray Misting features relax and comfort the senses, while the 8 UVB spaghetti bulbs give the shoulders and face an extra boost of intensity. The contoured acrylic ensures the highest levels of comfort and even color development, essentially removing the unsightly uneven color of pressure points. The 3-D Surround Sound system submerses the senses, allowing for MP3 and AUX connect for personal music selection which is recognized automatically though the Auto Play function. Back to units.
    Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    The Passion is a solid choice for the beginner to mid-level tanner looking to achieve darker and more pronounced color. This bed features 40 bulbs at 160 watt each, 3 facial lamps at 400 watts and 2 UVB spaghetti bulbs yielding breakthrough results. Back to units.
    Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    The SunCapsule Perfect 10 is a stand up Super Booth that contains 54 – 160 watt VHR lamps. Offering a UVB stimulant to give you a perfectly even tan from head to foot, a fifteen mile- per-hour breeze surrounds you for an exhilarating, fun-filled tanning experience with a maximum exposure time of 10 minutes. Back to units.
    Intermediate to Advanced Tanning

    The Vitesse Booth incorporates more UVA than ever to achieve seriously dark color in just 7 minutes. With 54 Cosmolux 250-watt lamps, the Vitesse is a robust choice for the tanning connoisseur. A raised platform provides head to toe exposure for the most even tan, and an impressive cooling system ensures comfort and enjoyment throughout the session. Back to units.
    All Tanning Levels

    The VersaPro System is a leader in sunless tanning. Offering 4 levels of single-pass spray, the VersaPro can take your sunless tan from just a glow to all the way deep and dark color. The pH-balancing pre-tan treatment allows for rapid color development, as well as prevention of unnatural orange discoloration. The post-tan moisturizing treatment and a heated drying cycle seals in color and allows for getting dressed immediately after the session. The voice-guided step-by-step instructions provide for a seamless spray tanning process. An open-air design presents the most comfortable experience yet.

    Extend the life of your spray tan with genuine Sunless Inc. self-tanning lotion and touch-up spray readily available at the front deskBack to units.

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