Tanning Units

Dr Muller Elixir

Beginning to Intermediate Tanners

The Elixir’s frosted acrylic exterior houses a superior tanning experience, delivered by a variety of lamps. With 1-800 watt  and 2-650 watt UVA  facial lamps, and 40-160  watt VHR bulbs the Elixir is a thrilling base tanning bed. With up to 15 minutes of tanning session time, the Elixir bed will bring out an outstanding base tan and is perfect for those just beginning with their tanning regimen.


SunCapsule Perfect 10

Beginning to Advanced Tanners

The SunCapsule Perfect 10 is a stand up Super Booth that contains 54 – 160 watt VHR bulbs. Offering a UVB stimulant  to give you a perfectly even tan from head to foot. A fifteen miles per hour breeze surrounds you for an exhilarating, fun-filled tanning experience.   (10 minute tanning session)


Dr Muller Icon

Moderate to Advanced Tanners
The Icon is one of our premier tanning unit consisting of 4 – 750 watt, UVA Booster Facials and 44 – 160 watt, VHR bulbs. This 10-minute tanning session is cooled by a true AC unit.  The Icon contains stereo speakers for your listening pleasure. This Icon session will give tanning connoisseurs that deep luxurious tan that they demand.  (10 minute tanning session)

Dr. Muller SunGate

Intermediate to Advanced Tanners
The SunGate is our specialty, high performance bed. This unit provides the optimum oxidation for ultimate browning results. It produces 10 times the tanning output of ordinary equipment. The SunGate experience is tropical, invigorating, and exotic – with the essence of sea breezes brushing by its true AC unit.   This session is best utilized after building a base tan with our other tanning units.  It utilizes 200 watt VHR bulbs in the Canopy and 160 watt VHR bulbs in the base.  Your face is gently tanned with 4-1000 watt, UVA Booster Facials.
(10-minute session)

VersaPro Sunless Tanning System*

  •  One of a Kind Heated Application

Step inside a warm inviting environment and experience a heated spa-like treatment with every spray session. VersaPro keeps you warm and dry throughout the entire sunless session. Exit each treatment session dry and ready to get dressed.

  • 3/4 Enclosed Open Air Design

A private yet open-air Sunless Spa design. With VersaPro you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

  • 4 Levels of Color & Multiple Skin Care Treatments

Never-ending customization. Easily customize your experience and choose from 4 levels of color from a light glow to ultra dark, plus a pre-tan pH balancing treatment, and a post-tan super-moisturizing treatment, ensuring you get the best result every single session.

  • Height Sensor Technology

VersaPro accurately targets the areas you want to tan with its auto height sensor allowing you to choose from full body applications, as well as just face or just legs applications.

  • Touch Screen Video Instructions

Easily review your session details, spray tan positions and pre and post-tan instructions all on the VersaPro’s integrated touch screen display.

  • Step-by-Step Audio Instructions

Never miss a step. Experience fully automated step-by-step audio instructions throughout the entire sunless tanning process.


*Description taken from the Sunless Inc website http://sunlessuk.co.uk/versapro/